SAPSAN SERVICES | Warehouse services

We will perform any operations related to the storage of your cargo:

– we will accept the cargo and place it in a modern warehouse;
– we will make an account of the goods;
– perform unloading/loading of goods;
– we will carry out certified weighing of goods
– fix the cargo;
– we will carry out palletization and depalletization;
– we will pack the goods with stretch film;
– we will mark the goods;
– we will ensure the consolidation of cargo in the warehouse;
– we will provide the possibility of storing containers, excise and oversized cargo;
– we will provide long-term or short-term storage of goods in a heated and unheated warehouse;
– as well as provide the possibility of long-term and short-term storage of temperature-controlled goods, medicines, cosmetics and hygiene products in a customs warehouse.

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